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I’m on CBC’s Tapestry: Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 8, 2011

A long time and no posts.

I’ve had the pleasure of covering some interesting stories the last few months, but with other obligations and commitments, I haven’t been keeping up the blogging habit. Tsk.

I hope to return to my semi-regular posts here. And there’s no better occasion than to announce that an audio essay I began writing in the summer during an internship at CBC Tapestry will air on Sunday (2:05 ET; 4:05 MT; 3:05 PT). I recorded it in late summer, and it’s finally airing. Here’s the clip in its entirety. For those who want to hear the entire episode, it’s available as a podcast (about 40 minutes into the episode).

The essay is about being a Bible school graduate.

Back in 1998, I was a depressed 2nd year University of Calgary student with an intense dislike of my choice of study: biological sciences. Having grown up going to church and not really understanding the religious underpinnings of Christianity, I decided to launch myself headlong into the world of faith. In my young thinking, I thought if faith was going to be part of my life, it would be everything in my life.

I wanted to take God as seriously as God deserved. I decided to go (felt led to go) to Moody Bible Institute, an evangelical Bible school in downtown Chicago.

It was a choice I feel some ambivalence about at this point in my life. But it was fulfilling in many ways as well, and opened up an intellectual faith that I knew nothing about. Going to Bible school is not something I usually talk about, and with the prodding of Mary Hynes (who facetiously said, “But you’re so normal!”), I decided to explore the statement: I’m a Bible school graduate.


Summer reading at the Corporation

June 20, 2010

I can’t tell you how lucky I’ve been the last few weeks to be at the CBC radio. Working with the Tapestry crew, I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on some great interviews, research some interesting topics, and contribute to upcoming production.

Here’s a few of the books I’ve been reading before, after, and in the course of “work”:

Lisa Miller – Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife

Newsweek’s religion editor weighs in with her consideration of all things heavenly in this accessible, informative overview. Heaven, it turns out, is a pretty resilient belief, with a whopping 81 per cent of American adherents (58 per cent of Canadians). It’s also more of a recent phenomenon than many people realize, dating back to the intertestamental period of the Maccabbean revolt against Hellenism (ca. 200 BCE). Miller’s book is an exploration of the history, imagery, and visions of heaven. But she also talks with a variety of scholars, clerics, and everyday Americans who offer their thoughtful considerations on the sweet hereafter.

Peter Manseau – Rag and Bone: A Journey Among the World’s Holy Dead

The slightly irreverent Peter Manseau takes us on a series of occasionally surreal journeys – pilgrimages – to shrines of the holy around the world. Whether it’s Buddha’s teeth, Muhammad’s whisker, or Jesus’ foreskin, nothing is too sacred to avoid becoming a sacred object (and often, multiple objects). A fascinating exploration of how humanity attempts to physically connect with the sacred through mundane, even grotesque objects.

David Darling – Prayer for Compassion (CD)

Okay, it’s not reading per se (except for the liner notes), but one the more interesting moments at Tapestry came from the meeting of two musicians jamming long distance: Grammy Award-winning cellist David Darling (in CT) and Hildegard-chanting soprano Norma Gentile (in Toronto). The two musicians improvised and talked about the joys and spirituality of music. David’s latest CD is sweet, soulful, and occasionally haunting.

Honorable Mentions: Joan Chittister (Scarred by Struggle, Transformed by Hope) and David Adams Richards (God Is)

Ever heard of Sister Joan? If you haven’t, you should check out her work. The Erie, PA based Benedictine nun is a prolific author (40+ books) and from an interview we had with her, an incredibly charismatic individual. Another book I’ve been reading is novelist David Adams Richards God Is. Wounded by the arrogance with which God is dismissed within his circle of intellectual elites, Richards opts to find God in the moments, experiences, and miraculous moments of life. This one wasn’t for work, but the suggestion of CBC Ideas producer, Frank Faulk.


My summer vacation, or How I stopped worrying and embraced a future in journalism

March 25, 2010

End of semester is upon us. For me, this is the END of end of semesters, my last gasp at full-time grad school. Hopefully. For now.

Employed? Is this a... what day is this?

All of which raises the inevitable question (especially for a would-be journalist):


While I’m feverishly putting together essays and final drafts for my thesis project, I’ve been solidifying some plans for the summer so I don’t end up simply abiding a la El Duderino (no, I’m not into that brevity thing).

Come to think of it, the guy can roll, and I HATE the Eagles. Plus I like his style… it’s like he… he just fits right in there.

So I’ve got certain information, all right? Certain things have come to light to make sure I don’t have to fix cable for a living.

First, I’m off to India in May for a trip with my spouse and her family, stopping in the Himalayas, Dehli, Kolkata, and Kochi (among many others).

Along the way, I’ll make sure to get my perfunctory “lifting the Taj Mahal” picture.

I’ll also be posting picture highlights and hopefully upload a few videos so you can get a taste of the experience.

After that?


That’s right. I’ll fly directly to Toronto for a four-week gig at CBC Radio’s Tapestry program.

I’m absolutely excited to get a chance to put my religious studies and journalism training to work on one of the most engaging hours in Canadian radio.

After that?

As they say in the biz, “More to come…”