Anne Rice and J-Roc

August 13, 2010

I just heard Anne Rice being interviewed on CBC’s Q with guest host Jonathan Torrens (of Street Cents fame).

If you hadn’t heard, Rice recently updated her facebook status to say, “In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian.”

It’s an interesting statement for a lot of reasons: not only because Rice is a public figure who has now had a very public conversion and un-conversion, but because she left Christianity ‘in the name of Christ.’

Rice maintains she still prays and reads the Bible, believes in God and the divinity of Jesus. She’s just uncomfortable with a lot of political goings-on within the Catholic Church. She says she had to leave for the sake of her personal integrity. Rice is especially livid about Christian opposition to gay marriage; it’s a smokescreen, she says, for the fact that Christians won’t face the fact that there are a lot of highly moral homosexuals (and various other people) out there. She found herself cringing whenever the Church took a political stance.

And while Rice sounds overwhelmingly Protestant (almost positively glowingly pietistic, apart from the gay marriage part), she clearly isn’t about to head down to join the local Moravian Brethren. She’s going solo.

It’s a fascinating place for a person to end up. Many will say Rice can’t have her cake and eat it too. But she’s undoubtedly done a lot of personal reflection and has her reasons.

Listen to Torren’s interview, however, and you’ll sense a hint of glee and triumph in his voice not suited for this interview. It’s as if he hasn’t considered the underlying biographical question: what would compel someone to come to Christianity in the first place?


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