My summer vacation, or How I stopped worrying and embraced a future in journalism

March 25, 2010

End of semester is upon us. For me, this is the END of end of semesters, my last gasp at full-time grad school. Hopefully. For now.

Employed? Is this a... what day is this?

All of which raises the inevitable question (especially for a would-be journalist):


While I’m feverishly putting together essays and final drafts for my thesis project, I’ve been solidifying some plans for the summer so I don’t end up simply abiding a la El Duderino (no, I’m not into that brevity thing).

Come to think of it, the guy can roll, and I HATE the Eagles. Plus I like his style… it’s like he… he just fits right in there.

So I’ve got certain information, all right? Certain things have come to light to make sure I don’t have to fix cable for a living.

First, I’m off to India in May for a trip with my spouse and her family, stopping in the Himalayas, Dehli, Kolkata, and Kochi (among many others).

Along the way, I’ll make sure to get my perfunctory “lifting the Taj Mahal” picture.

I’ll also be posting picture highlights and hopefully upload a few videos so you can get a taste of the experience.

After that?


That’s right. I’ll fly directly to Toronto for a four-week gig at CBC Radio’s Tapestry program.

I’m absolutely excited to get a chance to put my religious studies and journalism training to work on one of the most engaging hours in Canadian radio.

After that?

As they say in the biz, “More to come…”


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