Wrangling in Whistler

February 12, 2010

Long time, no blogging. That’s how it goes sometimes, but I promise it’s not simply out of sheer neglect.

For one, I’ve been trying to keep up on schoolwork heading into the Olympics. Since Tuesday, I’ve been up in Whistler, where I’m working for Olympic Broadcasting Services. Free accommodations at Whistler during the Olympics! Sweet!

My job for the rest of February? Media Liaison officer mostly at biathlon, but with occasional stints at cross-country and ski jumping as well. What’s an LO? I couldn’t have told you before this week. What’s biathlon? I still can’t say too much about that, except that it involves skis, guns, and a lot of Norwegians.

My job is to make sure the camera people from the Olympic rights holders, like CTV in Canada or NBC in the US, are in the correct place, and that they get the interviews they want. Nothing too exciting, but it’s going to be a blast.

Of the surreal moments thus far, probably the most has been biathlon loudspeakers blasting “Silent Night” in the middle of the day, punctuated by the sound of .22 bullets hitting targets.


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