Edmonton lawyer pleads guilty

December 6, 2009

A couple of days ago, I received this email from Birgit Stutz, one of the members of the “shovel” brigade from last year’s rescue of trapped horses near Valemount, which I covered for the Edmonton Journal (part 2 here):

Edmonton lawyer Frank Mackay pled guilty today in McBride Provincial Court to causing or permitting an animal to be or continue to be in distress under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. On a joint submission, he received a $1,000 fine, a $150 victim fine surcharge, has to pay restitution to the B.C. SPCA in the amount of $5,910.16, received a prohibition against possessing any animals for two years (in B.C. only), a probation order for the period of 12 months, and a counselling term because of his in appropriate behaviour. He further has to deliver a copy of his probation order to the nearest SPCA in Edmonton and to the provincial SPCA office in Alberta so that the authorities are alerted, and purchase advertisement in two issues of the local paper in order to publish his statement which was read in court today. The proceedings on the two criminal code offences were stayed (causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal and cruelty to animals).

In his statement, Mackay said: “I wish to thank the rescuers who volunteered their time and effort to rescue the horses. … If it hadn’t been for the accident, I would have gladly participated in the rescue.”
Court also heard that this was the first time Mackay had been in the backcountry by himsel

Here’s the Edmonton Journal’s coverage of the verdict.


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  1. I am new to Kindle. I daelnoodwd the Globe and Edmonton Journal. Enjoyed both. Tis a shame there are no pictures and I may even miss the cartoons. But I find the Kindle Edmonton Journal comfy and familiar. Havent decided if I should cancel the paper delivery yet. Kevin Hilgers. Grande Prairie Ab.

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