Thunderbird TV: Scholastic punishment?

November 14, 2009

November, in the words of my Advanced TV prof, is “hell month.”

That might be a tad bit dramatic (let’s call it “somewhat scholastically punitive month”), but it explains my current slothfulness on this site. Advanced TV has been a big part of my miseries.

Picture 1Apparently, it’s been equally punitive for the powers that be in Advanced TV. Perhaps that’s why it’s taken so long for our new UBC j-skool website to appear: ThunderbirdTV.ca.

Beyond the riveting opening theme and pirated Joy TV set (a studio in Surrey, a current workplace for our Emmy award winning prof, Peter W. Klein) are the pieces constructed by my colleagues and I.

Buried deep (= last) in this inaugural T-birdtv newscast is my piece on the Abbotsford Heat. It’s essentially the same piece I already placed on YouTube, but with some colour correction and different fonts for the “lower thirds” (the names of folks interviewed).

So sit back and enjoy two-month-old news! I dare you! The next installment of scholastic punishment will be coming in a couple of weeks.


One comment

  1. Yes! Dr. K! Thanks for the reminder brent. Definetely the greatest (squiggly) animated comedy of all time.

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