Help ever, Hurt never

September 8, 2009

That’s what it says on a Whyte Avenue sign I passed nearly every day for three-four years living near Bonnie Doon.

Help ever, Hurt never.

Although I drove by that marquee so often, I never bothered looking into the origin of this pithy little maxim until just now. It’s an expression of Sathya Sai Baba, a south Indian guru whose teachings resemble some vaguely-Hinduish beliefs, with some quasi-Messianic tinges to it. Adherents conduct pooja in front of Baba photos twice a day (though I’m not quite sure what that means).

Regardless of the origin of “Help ever, Hurt never,” I’ve always liked the aphorism since it doesn’t quite make sense in English. Nor is it something you might typically hear from a Whyte Avenue perambulator. It’s unintentional strangeness is what makes it stick out.

All that to say that I have now left the Sathya Sai sign and all of the other Edmonton oddities for other oddities, namely those of the west coast. Now there are some real oddities.

So here with one exception are my final articles of the summer from the Edmonton Journal. I have one last feature on the coffee roasting hobby taking Edmontonian d-i-y coffee freaks by storm, but it hasn’t hit newsstands yet.

Friday, September 4: School buses more than an hour late.

Thursday, September 3: Smile! You’re on Camera.

Wednesday, September 2: Motorcycle theft ring busted.

Tuesday, September 1: Fire victim identified.


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