Between the Covers

August 23, 2009

Check out my story today on things you might find inside a used book in today’s Edmonton Journal.

Such as the Edmonton Bookstore’s bottle of Cutty Sark pictured below, cut into the pages of a volume on English poetry. Cool and Shawshank-esque. A bit disturbing too.


The idea for this story came to me by chance a few weeks ago when we were asked for some interesting summer reads. I remember talking with a bookstore worker once about antique football (‘soccer’) tickets found inside old books. It popped into my mind — what about all the other bookstores?

Have any of you ever found something interesting in a book? I’d be curious.

My own list includes a nearly century-old religious bookmark, a program from a 1950s cruise, and a few plane tickets. My mom found $300 in a box of books headed to goodwill. My sister had forgotten she stashed the money during a move from Ft. McMurray to Calgary. My brother found some high school photo of a woman in a used book and promptly slapped it on his fridge, where it stayed for years.  It always made me laugh to see the smile of a complete stranger as I reached to mooch some food.

Sunday, August 23: Treasures Hidden Between the Covers, A1.

Sunday, August 23: Paralyzed Lawyer Jumps for Charity, A11.

Friday, August 21: Undercover sting snares litterbug, B1.

Thursday, August 20: Two suspects hunted in bank-security scam, B3.

Wednesday, August 19: 2,400 pigs die in Alberta barn fire, A1.


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