From Tofino to Tokyo

August 15, 2009

I was talking to my bro-in-law last night about Vancouver and the assorted Islands. He figured there was nowhere like Tofino. You can stand on the beach looking west and contemplate that the next piece of land is Japan.

Picture 1

“Japan?,” I asked. “Wouldn’t it be Russia?”

I went to Google Maps, the source of knowledge for all things geographic, to settle the issue.

Well, due west of Tofino is something in between Russia and Japan.

But check out direction #25!

Picture 2

This week’s articles in the Edmonton Journal:

Saturday, August 15: Jamaican cadets march to new drummer, A15.

Tuesday, August 11: City doctor charged with molesting children, A3.

Monday, August 10: Homeowner suspected of arson; Son comes home to find house ablaze, A5.

Sunday, August 9: Aerosmith Concert Postponed, B5.


One comment

  1. Hilarious! I have stood on Long Beach many times and thought about Japan just being ‘over there’. Especially when I lived in Japan. Direction 25 is great!

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