No More Free Beer (sniff!)

August 7, 2009

Yesterday marked the end of an era in my life.

In my pre-journalism, post-seminary job at Labatt Breweries in Edmonton, I had a Beer Visa. Yep, that’s right. I had a loaded Visa credit card devoted strictly to the purchase of Labatt products: $1100+/yr, if I remember correctly. When I left Labatt’s, I bought up a raft of liquor store gift certificates so I could keep my beer supply consistent beyond the brewery. Yesterday, 14 months after I quit, I used the last certificates to buy my 90-year-old grandmother a case of Kokanee (Sniff!).

Picture 1

I pitched a story about my beer certificates running out, but the editors didn’t think it was newsworthy.

UPDATE: That is a lie. I did not pitch it as a story. When my wife read the above sentence she thought I was: a) serious, and b) stupid. I thought it was: a) an obvious lie, and b) I know you are but what am I?

FYI, it IS true I bought beer for my 90-year-old granny who is a) my hero, and b) one of the most fascinating characters I have ever met.

Anyway, here’s this shortened week’s non-beer related articles in the Edmonton Journal:

Friday, August 7: Bystanders rescue elderly man from burning Alberta home, B3.

Thursday, August 6: Failed helicopter landing in Arctic kills two men (files).

Wednesday, August 5: Edmonton police arrest sex-assault suspect, B1.


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