How to Avoid Church

July 31, 2009

This is must-see video footage of a 7-year old Utah boy who decided to steal his parents car rather than go to church. Awesome.

In other news, here’s my latest batch of articles. It includes my first business section front pager and my first published photo (besides the technicality of pressing the button on this horse photo):

Friday, July 31: Economic slump paves way to lower bids for road work, B1.

Thursday, July 30: Hinton’s ‘heart and soul’ goes up in smoke with theatre, A10.

Wednesday, July 29: ‘Flying aerosol can’ puts on firefighting demonstration, F1.

Tuesday, July 28: Stabbing victim stood up for friend, A8.

Monday, July 27: Memories of Capital Ex etched permanently into their skin, A5.

Friday, July 25: Dream homes just a ticket away, B3.

Thursday, July 24: Mom slams kids’ rides pricing at Ex, B2.

Wednesday, July 23: Pilgrims escape bus inferno, B3.

Wednesday, July 23: Cop cleared in mall shooting, B6.

Tuesday, July 22: Have no fear, ‘Batman’ is here, A1.

Sunday, July 20: ‘It’s almost like they’ve been twisted’, A5.

Sunday, July 20: Whyte Avenue profits gone with the wind, A5.

You too can get a tattoo at Capital Ex!!

You too can get a tattoo at Capital Ex!!


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