Streetcars and Derby Girls

July 18, 2009

By gum, it’s been a while.

My odometer’s been on the rise lately, as I’ve been scurrying back and forth between Calgary and Edmonton during weekends for the past month. No chance to breathe, let alone write anything on my blog.

For the next week and a half, I will be one of two official Capital Ex reporters for the Edmonton Journal, which means I’ll be gobbling down ‘those little donuts’ while chatting up carny folk. Good times.

Incidentally, the best thing I saw at Thursday’s Capital Ex parade was a four-door 1982 Delta 88 Oldsmobile riding by among other classic cars. My very first car, an enormous boat of a machine! Reminds me of the Fred Eaglesmith song, “Mighty Big Car”:

28 feet from bumper to bumper
The last of the sweet old time gas guzzlers
Hard to drive, harder to park,
And when you go by, somebody remarks.
'That's a mighty big car...'

I went down to the grounds last night to catch K-Os performing at the opening night of the festivities. Great show.

Friday, July 17: Parade gets Capital Ex party rolling, B1.

Thursday, July 16: Don’t be a day early for fair, B4.

Thursday, July 16: Railway society stays on right track, B1.

Wednesday, July 15: Capital Ex parade will salute Edmonton troops, B1.

Tuesday, July 14: RCMP recognizes man’s bravery, A12.

Monday, July 13: Sylvan Lake crashes kill two people, A6.

Saturday, July 11: Block party a sure way to build community, A16.

Friday, July 10: Derby girls ‘don’t know if the sucker will float’, B1.


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