OMG, it’s the Jonas Bros!!!

July 4, 2009

Okay, maybe that’s a little bit over the top, but I had the pleasure of covering two arrivals in Edmonton: Michael Ignatieff’s town hall meeting on Tuesday, and the Jonas Bros. concert on Thursday.

All rock stars have groupies, but Iggy’s are definitely of the grey-haired variety. Ignatieff didn’t stray far from his message, btw, which is why we wrote nothing about it.

On Saturday, a 2 year-old girl fell into Edmonton’s Blackmud Creek ravine (with basically a 90 degree drop). The mom went to the edge, saw her baby bleeding and face down in the creek, and jumped down after her. An hour of dramatic rescuing, and both mom and baby were rushed to hospital. Both are doing fine.

Saturday, July 4: Waste gases on rise, energy board says, B.

Saturday, July 4: No jail time for accused ex-cop, B.

Friday, July 3: Girls go wild for boy band, A1.

Thursday, July 2: Celebration of science centre a big blast with a little glitch, B3.

Thursday, July 2: Abandoned Edmonton McDonald’s goes up in flames.

Monday, June 29: Victim left, returned to fatal house party, A6.

Sunday, June 28: Woman, toddler rescued from steep ravine, A7.


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