Dragonflies and Screws

June 26, 2009

Another week goes by, Michael Jackson dies, yada yada yada.

My abbreviated week at the Edmonton Journal included my first back-to-back A1 stories, astonishing since I thought Jacko’s death would surely trump anything else. It goes to show how papers are now purveyors of local content rather than international breaking news. How else could a giant dragonfly statue trump the biggest pop music death since Kurt Cobain?

Strangely enough, my site has been receiving thousands of hits since my post, “What Happened?: Paul Williams’s take on Bob Dylan’s ‘born-again’ period” wound up as a link on Expectingrain.com (not expectin’ grain, but expecting rain, by the way), a premier Bob Dylan fansite. Strange thing that interweb, I wrote the post last September!

Friday, June 26: Dragonfly designed to get tourists buzzing, A1. (Calgary Herald, July 1, B7)

Thursday, June 25: Stolen laptops a ‘warning,’ A1 (Calgary Herald, A9).

Wednesday, June 24: Lock it or lose it, police warn, B2.


One comment

  1. Good point about the local content. Interestingly, everyone I know was shocked and appalled that the dragonfly pic upstaged Jackson on A1. We had the same debate at work…how do you balance your mandate of local content versus what the audience might care about most.

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