Oh, I have had enough of army life!

June 12, 2009

Another week at the Edmonton Journal, which was insanely busy. Well, not just the newspaper, but 4 soccer games in 7 days.

On Monday and Tuesday, I was training in the cop room (breaking news, crime stories, etc.): listening to police scanners, feverishly checking websites to see if anything was happening, watching 3 TVs and writing briefs as stuff happened. On Tuesday morning, I overheard the police describing a murder scene (which tends to fall under BIG news). As I was panicking about what to do next, one of the veteran reporters grabbed the radio.

“Sounds like training,” he said.

I stared in disbelief. How did he know that?

“Not enough panic in his voice.”

Sure enough, the police were calling in a fake homicide to train the newbies. Good thing I wasn’t on my own, or I would have had a story up on the website.

On Wednesday, I took a field trip to “Wainwrightistan,” a Canadian army base two hours east of Edmonton. Basically, the place is like a copy of Canadian military bases in Afghanistan, complete with 3000 folks running around pretending it’s the real thing. It ended up being a 14 hour day, and I snapped some photos while there (which I will add ASAP).

So here’s what I have written so far this week:

Friday, June 12: Troops train in’Wainwrightistan’., B3

Friday, June 12: Air Miles bus passes hit the road, B1.

Tuesday, June 9: Real Estate agent accused of sex assault, B3.

Tuesday, June 9: City offers property owners splash of cash to help rid walls of graffiti, B1.


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