Edmonton Journal – May 29-June 5

June 5, 2009

Here’s my articles from this week.

An interesting week – my first fatality inquiry, first published photo credit, first meeting with the Lt. Gov., first time at a “bawdy house.”

My first ever newspaper photo credit (though credited online to Ryan Jackson) came from a publicity stunt story — a thoroughbred horse racing against several runners to promote a road race. All I did was press a button. The Journal had a photographer as well as a video guy (Ryan) at the scene. The photographer forgot a remote control for a camera he set up at the beginning of the race. I was told to hold down the button, which I did with gusto… and got the shot! National Geographic, here I come.

The fatality inquiry was also interesting… I was absolutely incredulous the police lost video tapes from security checks that evening. For a moment I understood a tiny amount of the family’s anger and frustration.

I also got to meet Alberta’s Lt. Gov. Norman Kwong, who has the sweet job of provincial representative of the Queen (and is officially known as “your honour”). Kwong is known for an illustrious 1950s CFL football career, during which he was known as the “China Clipper,” and won the league’s MVP award twice. For 14 years, he was also a Calgary Flames owner, and therefore was on a team poster in my room when I was 11 years old. It was literally my shortest interview ever — clocking in under 30 seconds (about 20 of which were me asking questions). A man of few words indeed.

The “bawdy house,” well, wasn’t much of anything… but it was fun to loudly announce “I’m off to a bawdy house” in the newsroom.

Friday, June 5: Edmonton man charged with operating three bawdy houses.

Thursday, June 4: It’s horse sense — thoroughbred beats human racers, B3 (plus photo).

Wednesday, June 3: Safety rules not followed, death inquiry told, B5.

Tuesday, June 2: Man found dead in cell had asked officer about Jesus, B4.

Tuesday, June 2: Edmonton police chief pleased with sex-offender registry changes, online.

Sunday, May 31: Slimmed-down mayor wins active living award, A12.

Friday, May 29: Patients Insist on Dying at Home, A1.


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