New Site – News Seeking: My Blog on Religion and Spirituality

March 3, 2009

Introducing my “other” blog: newsseeking.wordpress.com.

At the beginning of this semester, I created a blog for thethunderbird.ca called “News Seeking: Spirituality in the Media.” picture-2

My entries looked at the depiction of religion and spirituality in the media (with a special interest in Canada). In seven entries, I covered everything from macho Seattle Calvinist Mark Driscoll to the PR-deficient Pope Benedict, and hockey as a pseudo-religion to those atheist bus ads rolling out across North America.

Religion is not simply just any interest for me. Prior to becoming a would-be journalist, I was a student of theology and church history with the goal of becoming an academic theologian. Having re-thought that idea for many, many, many reasons, religion is still very interesting to me.

Since working on my thunderbird blog, I’ve been thinking about how to develop a forum with the same focus, but distinct from this site, which essentially functions as my business card as well as well as a general forum for my journalistic interests.

So I welcome you in the next few weeks to peruse my new site which will be my other forum, a blog for all things religious. In the next couple of days, I’ll be migrating my old work onto the new site and will begin adding new entries.


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