Horse Owner Facing Charges Claims he was Threatened

January 8, 2009

The owner of two horses stranded in B.C. last fall will likely face charges based on an SPCA investigation.

CTV is reporting that the BC SPCA is “strongly” suggesting charges to the crown against Edmonton lawyer Frank Mackay (as is the Vancouver Province), the owner of two horses abandoned in September on Mount Renshaw and dug out by Robson Valley volunteers on December 23. I first identified Mackay as the owner of the horses in the December 30th Edmonton Journal.

When I spoke to Mackay 10 days ago, he said he had been threatened by an SPCA officer to sign over the horses, which have been seized and are recovering in Prince George. Mackay said the officer claimed she could make things difficult for him.

Mackay has since given his most elaborate version of the back story of how the horses became trapped. The article in the Jasper paper, The Fitzhugh, features one glaring discrepancy with my story. The Fitzhugh reports that Mackay bought the horses from his friend for $300, saving them from the slaughterhouse. Mackay told me he had the horses since they were weaned.


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