Send Me Your Bad Christmas Letters

January 6, 2009

My sister Carmen has what we’ll call a “unique” sense of humour.

She is many things: children’s author, former newsmagazine reporter, instructor in English literature, a humanitarian and philanthropist. But she is known to take a joke a little far.

Carmen and Llama look on in Peru

Carmen and Llama look on in Peru

– Her website “My Whiskers Fly!” features my beloved near-nonagenarian grandmother flipping the bird.

– She certainly has an interesting style of travel writing, as well as a fondness for guinea pigs.

– Her wedding invitation was a postcard for a “Nuptial Smackdown” – with Carmen and her husband-to-be photoshopped menacingly onto body-builder-bodies. Some family members were none too pleased (I laughed nervously).

– In writing a book on counseling book on crisis situations, Carmen changed names to refer to friends and family.

Over the holidays, my family and I were talking about her latest escapade – her first annual family Christmas letter – an homage to all that is awful about Christmas or End of Year letters. She brags endlessly about the accomplishments of her family, chronicles the minutiae that people don’t care about, and writes as though her pet rabbit is truly human. Worst of all, she makes insinuations about the personal lives of her larger family, myself included. And in characteristic fashion, she sent it out to EVERYONE, even those who most certainly wouldn’t get her slightly different take on funny.

All of this got us to chatting about the possibility – no, the necessity – of a website and coffee table book comprised of bad Christmas letters. The idea seems pretty good. It’d be extremely easy to produce (like hilarious reader-submitted websites such as www.engrish.com), all you would need is some snappy graphics (like books based on PostSecret.blogspot.com).

But alas, there are already some examples online of bad letters:

– Here’s a tw0 year-old MSNBC piece with bad letters aplenty.

– Or here’s another example of a bad Christmas letter.

– The website www.badchristmasletters.com is currently under construction.

Sigh. There goes my idea for an easy million.



  1. What about bad end of year compilation CDs?

  2. Any examples?

  3. Hmmmm….

    How about the one I’m going to give you tomorrow! haha

  4. Insinuations?!! As part of the Branch Davidian, Brent, aren’t you expected to produce a nestful of children? Nothing I “suggested” in my newsletter was “untrue.”

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