Week 2 at the Edmonton Journal

December 23, 2008

The highlight of the week has been the chance to cover the trapped horses near McBride, B.C.. It’s definitely been a great story to cover. Not only did the people of the Robson Valley really pull together, they were great to talk to as well. The horses were rescued late Tuesday night (Dec 23).

From the looks of it, my Dec. 24 story made it into the Victoria Times-Colonist (A8) and Vancouver Sun (A3), while the story was featured on Canwest newssites in Calgary, Regina, Ottawa, and Montreal – pretty cool for a newbie like me!

Here are the articles from the second week of my winter internship at the Edmonton Journal:

Saturday, Dec 27: Christmas tree collection to start Jan. 12, B2.

Friday, Dec 26: ‘Best Christmas gift ever’ sees volunteers rescue horses trapped by snow, A12.

Wednesday, Dec 24: Air Canada cancels most Vancouver flights, online.

Wednesday, Dec 24: Horses rescued after days of digging in Rockies, online.

Wednesday, Dec 24: Rescuers closer to trapped horses, A2.

Tuesday, Dec 23: Alberta Health issues norovirus warning, online.

Tuesday, Dec 23: St. Albert taxes to go up 4.55%, online.

Tuesday, Dec 23: Small donations feed big dream for Darfur, B6.


One comment

  1. It seems that so far, only ppleoe who don’t like the Kindle version of the subscription have reviewed it here. Well, in our household, we do like it, quite a bit. Granted, we don’t get all the photos, but we can check some of those out online. But we do get all the articles, and I find I’m reading the paper more thoroughly than when I had to wrestle with the broadsheet, even though it’s size had been reduced somewhat recently. This is in no small part due to the fact that my Kindle travels everywhere with me, so the Journal does as well. The coffee shop, the waiting room, the car while I’m waiting for my husband — all of those places become spots where I can download and/or read the day’s paper. Also, we are seniors, and we no longer have to lug heaps of newspaper to our condo’s recycle bin every week. The only quibble we have is that the proofreading for the Kindle edition is sometimes rather lacking; I’ve provided feedback on this.

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