Charles Darwin and those Nutty Creationists

November 26, 2008

I always link to Vancouver Sun columnist Doug Todd’s blog when he says something especially interesting (and when I add a comment).

In today’s post, he talks about Charles Darwin, the “Troublemaker of the Century,” and briefly mentions the rise of evolutionary theology. Todd’s article is refreshing in that he doesn’t fall into the tired old stereotypical chasm between atheism and creationism — there’s plenty of turf between for everybody to pitch their tents. It also follows another excellent series of articles on science and religion by fellow Sun columnist, Peter Mcknight.



  1. Those of you who are still labouring under the impression that Charles Darwin(or Wallace) originated the theory of natural selection, or that there are any novel ideas in “On the Origin of Species” might wish to read my web site (Search Google for “wainwrightscience”).How do we know that Darwin did not come up with natural selection? Simple, he and Wallace admited that Patrick Matthew and Charles Wells beat them, a fact endorsed by T.H.Huxley. (By the way,in case there are any witch hunters of creationsists reading-I am an agnostic secularist)
    Dr Milton Wainwright,University of Sheffield,Dept. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology,University of Sheffield,UK.

  2. Thanks for your point.

    Perhaps Darwin isn’t the originator of “natural selection,” but he is the iconic figure for the idea. For my purposes, the origin of the origin is kind of immaterial.

  3. It may be immaterial to many. but the whole of this year is being devoted to an orgy of Darwin hyperbole. Why should we teach our children lies about what Darwin,when we rightly admonish creationists for telling falsehoods? Best Wishes Dr Milton Wainwright

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