“Byers Bomb” Part 3: Another Election Debate in Vancouver

October 7, 2008

As many of you might have noticed, I’ve been posting election stories from the Vancouver Centre riding. I don’t know why I keep calling them “Byers Bomb,” because that’s old news.

However, I have a new article on the election at www.thethunderbird.ca which talks about how the economy has trumped the climate change issue. The economic news could change the outcome of the greenest riding in BC. Looks like nobody’s gonna be shutting down the tar sands anytime soon.

For this story, I went to yet another debate on Sunday (Oct. 5th). Here’s a couple of lighter observations that didn’t make it into the story:

1) Last week (Sept 28), the crowd wasn’t too friendly to Lorne Mayencourt. This time, he brought a bunch of supporters to bolster his cause (i.e. clap vigorously whenever he said anything). These folks seemed strategically placed to maximize the effect.

2) At one point, it came out that Lorne Mayencourt sent Hedy Fry flowers after calling her a liar last week. This week, there was more drama and mock indignation. Mayencourt suggested that Fry was a hypocrite. Fry howled in protest. Mayencourt promised that this time, there’d be no flowers.


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