How eBay and an iPod Conspired Against Me

September 15, 2008

I never meant to convert to Apple. Honest.

It started innocently enough, with a 160GB iPod classic. How else can you cram 10,000+ songs onto an mp3 player? I got a little greedy, that’s all.

And the MacBook? Well, my department at UBC uses macs exclusively, and I needed a new laptop…

So I bought a MacBook – a feminine white one, not putting up an extra $100 for the rugged, less feminine black one – and as part of Apple’s committment to the poor and starving students of the world, got a free 8 GB iPod Touch thrown in (well, a $319 mail-in rebate).

Since I already had 160 GB of beautiful iPod space, I decided to sell my new iPod on eBay, to get back some of the serious coin I dropped on the new MacBook. And sell it did, for an astonishing $265 (plus shipping).

But my buyer never paid… and then Apple released a “new generation” of iPods starting at $90 cheaper (talk about planned obsolescence)! And then I discovered that you can’t even give a bad buyer a bad rating on eBay (!). Expectedly, Apple refused to take back the iPod and give me the newer one.

So now my poor iPod is back on eBay, with no bids at $99 (sigh!).



  1. I appreciate the tags–I’ll be looking forward to more in the “Evil Corporate Empires” department. Anyone want to buy the 2 GB iPod Nano I got free for opening a checking account at Key Bank?

  2. Well, you can always ship it to us, if you really really need to get it off your hands!!!! LOL!! The poor, starving student in me will never die!

  3. got change for a quarter…dude, those things are free for the first 500 through the door at high school these days…

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